All About EVP!

E. Valdivia has over 15 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant in various industries. From the start up ‘s to already established. She is a solutions-oriented achiever with a contagious positive attitude.

For the past 11 Years, E brought her hustle daily to New Belgium Brewing Company. As the EA to the VP of Supply Chain, E provided Presentations, Content Administration, Project Management, Business Intelligence, Travel and Event Planning, as well as assistance to a plethora of requests. New Belgium cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit within E. This resulted in the 2017 Grand Premier of EVP!

Would you like to work with someone whose goal is to bring sunshine and success to her customers?  We achieve this daily with creatively strong minds toward reaching the goal, no matter how big or small.

Our prices are negotiable and we are always up for a challenge. EVP has an eagerness to help and look forward to providing you with good, quality content.

Do you need someone who is dedicated to Continuous Improvement and committed to furthering their education according to current and changing business and technological needs? Look no further!

Virtual Assistant, VA, Services, Loveland, Fort Collins, Larimer County, Northern Colorado,

I started out as a File Clerk in an Accounting Office. This was not what I had in mind while going to school. “Just a stepping stone”, I reminded myself. I decided I would be the best damn file clerk that firm would ever know! Carefully attaching color coded letters to color coded folders. Making sure everything was in its place at all times and policing all who pulled files. “Don’t forget to complete a check-out form.”, I would caution.

“I have a passion for making all things beautiful!”

E. Valdivia, CAP-OM, MOS, Owner-Proprietor
“The Chaos Whisperer”

Loveland, Fort Collins, Larimer County, Northern Colorado, Virtual Assistant, VA, Services, Contact, EVP

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